We have only one part-time paid staff member and rely on dozens of volunteers each week. Call us at 773-667-5881 or introduce yourself during one of our food programs to learn about how you can help...

as an INDIVIDUAL: During our regular food program times, unless you have a special skill to offer!

as a GROUP: We regularly host volunteer days for groups, especially from the University of Chicago. At times good for you!

as a LEADER: Currently our programs need leaders to grow. As a program leader, you leverage our volunteers, building, and partners to help dozens of neighbors weekly. Are you good at organizing people and programs, and can you volunteer for about a day over the course of every week?


Mail a check payable to "Coppin Community Center" to Coppin, box 377519, Chicago, IL 60637.

Every year, Coppin Community Center leverages just a few thousand dollars to share a half-million dollars’ worth of free food. In enabling us to continue making our small budget, you enable us to deliver our large food program. Donate a little (or a lot!) today so we can help a lot! Donations can be tax-deductible as we are 501(c)(3).

Fundraise - it's easy!

  • Amazon Smile. Whenever you shop on Amazon, start by going to Then continue as normal. 0.5% of your purchase will go to us! You must select us as your charity here ( › Your Account › Change Your Charity).

  • Facebook Fundraisers. On your birthday (or just because!), invite your friends to donate to us. With a note about how Coppin is special to you, you can draw many of your friends to chip in. Start at